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A place of tranquility away from the urban rush

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Our aim at the Villa Spalletti Trivelli Wellness Centre is to create a world where our guests can relax and enjoy an environment of total calm, peace and tranquility, whilst enjoying treatments steeped in as much history as the Villa itself.

The wellness centre is a luxury retreat, and yet is right in the centre of the historic centre of Rome. Our system of recovery is for mind and body and is dedicated to a holistic approach to your health, based on a core belief that the key to a healthy mind and body is to establish, and then maintain a balance of energies.

In our increasingly busy and stressful lives it is now more important than ever to take small moments for ourselves to bring back the feeling of a stress free environment, and this is perhaps the most important area to focus on, which most of us tend to leave until the last, but it is never too late.

Our spacious and elegant wellness centre is a delight to the senses with its tepidarium, steam room and relaxation room. Villa SPalletti Trivelli also offers its guests a fully equipped fitness area open 24 hours a day, and with personal trainer available on request.

Enjoy the experience of our wellness centre which we hope will enrich the lives of those who enter, through the space and treatments we offer, giving you a time for peace and quiet reflection in your life, and an escape from the world.

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